Thursday, August 28, 2014

Jan Dhan Yojana

Our beloved PM sr has realized that many of us Indians are unbanked. no one in the country knew about the deadly fact. being unbanked is much worse than being underpoverty line.

so he announces in the majestic red fort during the Independence day that he is launching a programme to 'bank' India. An overdraft and insurance is the prize money. He then shoots off a mail to every bank employee in the country to 'shoulder' the responsibility and rise to the occassion. PM sir's letter is read in every office and the bank employee signs the letter stating he has read the contents

But the banker is given no choice but to ' rise to the occasion'. PM sir had also sent every banker a white cap. Wearing the white cap every employee from the top to bottom explore the streets looking for any 'un-banked' man. No one seems to be interested, so banked people are banked again by pretending they are unbanked. Photographs are sent to PM sir. I visit my DGM sir in his air conditioned room, he signals me to be silent. A television is broadcasting LIVE the PM sir's flagship programme. Apparently every office has to broadcast the programme live

PM sir has brilliantly used the state machinery to drive the programme. He knew very well the protest comes only when there is an option for the chooser. Better ignore the parallels with a man who lived around Germany some 70 years ago. Meanwhile I hope someone called Finance Minister is still alive

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