Saturday, September 22, 2012

A few lessons

The wise used to tell me :
' Never trust anyone at the bank. '
' Save your ass first . '

But I , being a pussy, fall for the theatrics.
Last day a retired Air Force came. He sent his son to Australia and wanted us to disburse the second installament. Ours being a C grade cannot do forex transactions. Hence we will have to release the fund in rupees and send advice to city branch .

The Air force went on and on about the foolishness of sending his son abroad , about how marijuana was legal there. Soon it became a discussion n debate . He talked of sacrificing for the country .

Parallel to the eulogy, I finished my job. There was a service charge component which he had to pay at the city. That's when I shot myself in my foot. Instead of making him pay then and there I asked him to pay at the city branch.

After a few hours we get a irked call from branch. He went there and midway through the process , he announced he has no money for service charge. The city branch as is not responsible for the customer called us up. They couldn't abandon it halfway.

And we had to take risk and additionally release money for the service charges. So another lesson

Beware of a barking dog

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