Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Here it starts

The past few months have been a liberal dose of reality. I had been at conflict with myself on how to organize and present my thoughts and at the end of it i decided to start something anew.
A few years ago i was living the life of a software professional. I wasn’t very keen on it and wanted to get out of the cubicular life style. Everyday you met the same set of people who talked the same things. The bitching, back stabbing, goals, aims and aspirations were the same. The hopes and passions rose and fell along with dollar rates. Everyone wanted to fly ‘onsite’ and post the picture in Washington.
I tried out a few options. I did some MBA exams, appeared in a few interviews. Soon i realized i wasn’t for it. Then the banks started recruiting in hordes and i swept along in the tide.
I appeared for a  few exams and found out it wasn’t easy enough. Soon love happened and the bitch also were into the exam mode. After a few years I decided to give my parting shot and call quits with the Bank exams. The bitch pushed me into the final one. As if for a miracle , i cleared while the bitch didn’t.
And like every other bitches she got hitched to a well to do NRI and flew off.
Clearing the Bank exams didn’t exactly overjoy me. I was still in two minds. Should I quit the lucrative paid IT job. I might have to move around in different parts of the country every few years. The interview wasn’t exactly tough because I was pretty comfortable with myself.

People still ask me if i made the right choice. To this day i don’t regret it. I met a whole load of sons-of-bitches & bitches in this one year. I’m not exactly sure if I’m going to climb up the ladder and be the chairman of the largest bank in India. Moreover I don’t know how long I am going to compromise with my values

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