Thursday, October 18, 2012

7 day Bank

Months ago, a happy news went around the bank. Atlast the banking days are going to be reduced to 5.

Banking although seemingly public sector has notorious timings and work culture. Half of it's from colonial banking image which gives some kind of notion that longer you sit, the harder you work . Added to that 'work is worship' , 'customer is king' etc. The funny thing is most of the day is spent doing unproductive and zero-revenue job.

Soon the elation turned to utter despair when the chairman made a grandiose statement: Bank has to work 7 days a week. People were too stunned to speak. Many permutations and combinations were thought about shifting the Sunday chores to other days.

Then the unions & association pitched in with a strike against the arrogance of the chairman. Management responded by chargesheeting the leaders. To make matters worse the charge sheet was revoked for a few.

Last day our beloved chairman came up with his explanations:

It seems the poor guy was answering a question from media on how to make the bank profitable.
Mr Chairman , bank is not going to run on profit by working round the clock. Because  people donot live to bank. They bank to live . Only a minority of the urban elite waste their Sundays to go to bank and spend a few minutes for enquiry. For that are you going to open a whole bank and work the air conditioners and pay the staff and still make profits out of it?
Mr Chairman in case you didn't know , people first make enquiry through internet , do their homework and approach bank or even approach through e mail. For that you needn't open a whole bank  through the week.

I have seen and worked in the Sunday branches and believe me it's a total waste of time to indulge in the financial fantasies of a few jerks.

Mr chairman you spoke about a few industries working round the clock. In case you haven't noticed you get electricity round the clock. That doesn't mean you need to deposit money 7 days a week and you need a loan 7 days a week. Bank is not YET a necessity to sustain human life .

Thirdly you said about keeping the share holders happy. Sir in the end it boil downs to this . I wonder who ate these mysterious figures with deep pockets who draws simple pleasure out of making people work like slaves.
You even mentioned bank belongs to 2lac employees. No sir, it doesn't . It doesn't when you've to work ungodly hours for nothing. In case you haven't known yet bank is most underpaid industry in the public sector.

I hope you some day develop the sensiblity to understand that it's not just the salary an employee needs.

One request to you is never come up with half cooked stories.

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