Friday, October 26, 2012

Holiday cum working day

A large public sector bank will have lots of shit job pending. And the shit job multiplies with time. The constraint of manpower makes them to postpone it until the last moment when it becomes priority 1.

Cersai or 'Electronic registry of security' is one such thing. Last few weeks people were thrown from here and there to complete the data entry job.

My duty was to complete this at 'Pambanar' . The name sounded so uncool & far off. I woke up early morning & after much enquiries I located the bus . To my surprise the bus went on climbing up and up. It turned out to be a cool hill station with a river flowing on the other side of the road . Pretty ladies were bathing on other side of the river .

I was surprised to see a crowd of ordinary looking people sitting on the door way and a long queue snaking into several coils in front of counter . The branch had one huge ATM room and no one inside. The irony hit me only later . These people were illiterate estate labourers and had to depend on counter for withdrawal of even small amounts.

Years ago a cunning manager took advantage of the illiteracy and sanctioned spurious loans for these people. He took a chunk off it and happily lived ever after. His successor had to clean up the mess after him. Life is so unfair to some

I used to go to hill stations for a visit & stay at hotels at costly prices. But here for three days I had free food & accomdation at a great place.

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