Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The changing dimensions

I sometimes wonder what would I be doing another 15 years from now ? Begging people into making their lives miserable or as someone put : live the life of a 'glorified beggar'?

Tomorrow my manager attends his review meeting. The day after is going to be miserable for me.

Yesterday I went to meet the guy who wanted to take a car loan. He was into IT. From the phone conversations he sounded too simple . You don't meet these kind now. Simplicity is another manifestation of fraudulent behavior.

But I was totally stunned. The home was very simple . Dad worked as a lineman . He spent all his earnings on the education. The kids got into IT firm & they are buying a costly car for their dad. I picturised a 9 lakh car parked at a 8 lakh home.

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