Monday, January 14, 2013

The fancy targets

My manager has this special capablity to scampering around giving you a doomed feeling. Poor guy is caught at wrong place & wrong time .

The bank management is too happy at taking decisions on your behalf . They buy you obsolete machines, advertise & set you targets. Then every morning they mail , message & call threatening of 'dire consequences' if targets doesn't happen.

The poor guys at the branch scampers around fearing that their climb up the ladder will get screwed .

A few months back.the big fat guys at the head office realize that our branch has some crowd for passbook printing . So with these following rationales they buy is a heavy , costly machine which automatically updates passbookd
1. Reducing queue .
2. More time for marketing 'profitable products'
3. Shifting to alternate channels.

Then they start cajoling manager to increase hits . The pressure goes beyond a point & manager comes up with the idea : he removes all the machines from the counter.

The sad fact the fat guys never knew was the crowd for passbook updation didn't have the capablity to shift to 'Alternate Channels'. Soon a hue & cry followed . The next evening I see the poor manager fixing the counter machines back .

Bottomline- Pass book itself is being outdated by internet banking . Then why do you need a fancy machine for that ?

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