Sunday, July 20, 2014

Dance with the devil

Today was reading a news release where Canara Bank expressed it's willingness to sanction more loans to metro projects' i seems a in-principle approval was made in just three weeks. The interest rate is 10.8 floating with a repayment of 20 years and moratorium of 7 years

Sounds so interesting that the bank has chipped in towards infrastructure development of the nation. But looking at it, credit is running to a total of 7000 crore pls and the project has been shooting the deadlines. 7 years moratorium with a floating rate can ensure that total liability may reach astronomical figures, coupled with the fact that Metro projects in India hasn't been a resounding success yet  in terms of profit generation.

May be at this movement the bank officials might be clebrating the success of their achievement. U what if 10 years down the line they end up with a still born in the hands

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