Thursday, July 24, 2014

Going up

After a period of prolonged tussle with various employee unions and some unpopular decisions, the departure of the Chairman was a huge reliefe to an organisation with lakhs of employees spread all over the country

The new chairman came in with a whiff of fresh ideas and some populist measures. Now she has come up with a training program spread from July to  fag end of October. The idea of training every employee all through the country is not simple.

I attended the mandatory program last week. The seesions were not very boring, but everything to the point with group activities and videos.

90% of the session was on dealing with customers. How to talk politely to them etc.
There was also couple of sessions on reduction of waste , teamwork etc.

I strongly believe in reduction of waste. But to think that customer dissatisfaction is root of every malady in the organisation sounds strange to me.
But assurance from the Chairman that employee would be taken care of, sounded soothing

One other aspect I couldn't quite digest was the need to endorse government and impending prosperity. This was repeated atleast thrice

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