Friday, July 4, 2014

Thailand Training

No matter how much you abhor it, once you're in the industry, you start liking it to the point where you can't live without it. Bank sucks you in and slowly changes the very core.
The last few years have taught me to be ruthless, shrewd and selfish

I believe everyone around me are. May be they don't realize it anymore

June July months is the period you start flying out for 'training sessions'. You needn't be a big shot for that. I will tell you how

If you ask someone working in a bank if he sell insurance. You  can expect a lecture on how he dropped the business years ago. And how it's for cheating gullible customers
But come December and with  a strange fervour everyone runs around to get 'business'. If you think it's for the national good or to earn profits for the bank, you're sorely mistaken
The strategy this year was to seduce the customer into some pension plan by investing a small amount. The poor guy in the fear of turning penniless at old age puts his money in

After two months the agents stand with a puffed chest, when th results are announced. In another two months he flies to Thailand or Singapore for a 'training session'. I don't understand why it's deemed as training'. May be o outsmart the IT
After the tour the agents announce that they have divorced insurance selling..... to wait for next December

Note to customers: All these training trips is financed from your premium. Most of the star plans a few years ago have bit dust. Keep this in mind when your agent return from his 'training'

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